wearable sculpture + unique fashion


Morgan Culture is wearable sculpture and upcycled colorful wedding gowns. This is where you can find the behind-the-scenes action in the studio for these pieces as well as my inspiration sources and other amazing artists I work with !

Upcycled Wedding Gowns

These gowns are all made from recycled other wedding gowns. Since they’re brought to a new level, I call them “upcycled”! This gown line originated when I was looking for my own wedding dress. I looked everywhere for something COLORFUL and INTERESTING… but found that the options were few and far between, and frankly not very affordable! After almost settling for a beautiful off-white dress with colored accessories, I saw my own Pinterest board and realized I needed REAL color… so I set out making my own dress and never looked back. Oh- in case you’re wondering, no, my dress isn’t totally done yet 🙂 I’ve gotten distracted by all the other awesome colorful gowns I’m making!


Wearable Sculpture

This is the other half of what happens in my studio. All my background and education are in visual art, and I work in a very conceptual, research-heavy manner. The dresses are a great whimsical counterpoint to the more serious (but not that serious) wearable sculpture.  My sculpture has been featured in many places, including at the World of Wearable Art in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m looking forward to showing the innerworkings of the studio in both genres.


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