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Gown Transformations by Morgan Culture

People seem to really love the finished Morgan Culture wedding gowns and formal gowns. Many people who visit my studio while works are in progress have trouble imagining the final output for the pieces.


I can’t explain how my inspiration works, since each piece has its own unique journey. Sometimes I “see” the final outcome in my head when I see the original dress and all I have to do is execute, and sometimes I go through weeks or months of sketching and thinking while the dress sits totally alone in my studio.  I can’t explain the whole process, but I can share with you some before and after images of these gowns!


As you may know, my tagline is “eco-fashion for the bad-ass bride”. The ‘eco’ part indicates that most of my dresses and materials are recycled from other garments or other wedding gowns. You might find yourself surprised at the transformations some of these pieces have undergone! Some have had stains, runs, rips… and some start out just plain boring! That is- until I get to them. Not to be pompous or anything, but I think “boring” is the furthest thing from peoples’ minds when they look at my collections.


Here are a few Morgan Culture wedding gown transformations for your enjoyment. What do you think? Do these inspire other ideas for you?



One response

  1. Great post – love the “behind the scenes peek” of your creations

    August 27, 2012 at 6:53 AM

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