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New Line of Headwear for Headbands of Hope!

As announced earlier this year, Morgan Culture and Headbands of Hope have created a partnership. In this partnership, 40% of the purchase price of a Morgan Culture headpiece is donated to Headbands of Hope, $1 is donated to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and one little girl with cancer will receive a headband!

I created a new line to celebrate the partnership and generate more donations for Headbands of Hope. This new line is a bit less overtly bridal, yet still fancy enough to be used for a special occasion (or of course for a colorful bride wearing a Morgan Culture gown!).
Essentially, these headpieces are a one-of-a-kind couture option for patrons of Headbands of Hope who want more unique statement pieces while creating the same philanthropic outcome.

They’re not all headbands, but they are all awesome! Peruse or purchase at my Etsy shop HERE. Pro photos coming soon- I was just so excited to have them I wanted to share them immediately!
I’d love to see photos of your headbands in action- where have you worn them?


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