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Hosting the International


Last year, one of my personal AND professional goals was to have more contacts and friends outside the USA. An incredibly quick and easy means of achieving this goal was presented to me through CouchSurfing.org. Through CouchSurfing, we’ve now hosted people in our homes from over 10 different countries, whether their time with us be a few hours or a week. We also extended our time in New Zealand (where we’d traveled for the World of Wearable Art show I was a designer in) and stayed with CouchSurfing hosts there.

This month, we’ve expanded our international hosting capacity to include being a “host family” for a high school student from Spain for three weeks. The program he’s studying with is called Yep! Youth Educational Programs

One of the things I love about having international travelers stay with us is their outside perspective on the US art and craft market. I enjoy hearing opinions on my work, particularly from those who are not involved in any art industry anywhere, because sometimes I forget that most of the people I know are involved with art somehow. Hosting other people reminds me that my work in the art world is still part of the OTHER WORLD- you know, the world. Critical opinion of my work is always helpful for me, but I often put my work (including my sculpture) in more publically-accessed locations (such as fashion shows- remember the Sugar Goes Steampunk Fashion Show?) and I need to remember that non-critics have opinions as well!

Alberte is with us until July 15!


One response

  1. Loved this post, great perspective and what a fabulous thing to do.

    June 29, 2012 at 3:45 PM

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