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Vintage Glamour Bridal Show: Images and Video

The Vintage Glamour Bridal Show in April at the Pasadena Sheraton was a HUGE success.

I didn’t find out until that day that Morgan Culture was the ONLY designer showing- so the expansive, well-lit pink and white runway you see was built just for MY designs !

As I’ve experienced with many shows, I had several last-minute stressors based on makeup artists and models cancelling. I ended up booking ten models- exactly the number I would need to show my ten looks- and four hair/makeup people. Remarkably, EVERY SINGLE one came promptly and had a great time!

With the theme of “Vintage Glamour”, the looks I chose for hair and makeup were all from the 1930s and 1940s- pin curls, bright red lipstick, high cheek blush. I asked the models to bring “cool vintage-y shoes”, and we ended up with some great looks.

The models all had headpieces in addition to gowns, and choosing the looks that matched (other than the ones that already come with a headpiece that matches the gown) was a fun process. I was flattered by the headpiece compliments I got from a millinery woman who had her cute tiny bridal top hats on display at the show!

As you know if you’ve seen any of my wearable sculpture shows, I love for the performers and the audience to have FUN! So for this show, I made little fake bouquets with 99cent store flowers and ribbon I had lying around in the studio, and I asked the models to make a big show out of throwing the bouquets into the crowd. The crowd loved it- particularly those bouquets that hit the chandelier. I gave away a cute feather and flower fascinator pin at the end of the show.

I received compliments about the eco-friendly nature of my gowns as well as the unique colors and concepts, though I did overhear a few criticisms on my way out… which means the gowns made their impression. At this show I launched my new tag line “Eco-Friendly Fashion for the Bad-Ass Bride”. I showed a new dress I’d finished at 2AM the night before- so be on the lookout for it!

A HUGE thanks to Relentless Weddings for shooting the video and photos here. Additional photos by Alicia Bravo.


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