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Morganculture Craftcation Workshop: Textile Surface Design

I’m still in the midst of digesting all the amazing information and people I encountered at Craftcation Conference a few weeks ago. During my textile design workshop, many participants were asking for additional information or handouts ! Well, here is exactly what I put on my handout, with a few extra bonus tips. Oh, and keep in mind that we didn’t get time to do “fabric lazing” or “collagraph”, but I’ll put a tutorial up on it soon, and it will for sure be shown live at next year’s Craftcation!

Screen Printing/ Serigraphy

Full kits available from Speedball and at Dick Blick/Michaels.




Water-soluble textile ink (OR acrylic with extender base or textile medium)- Akua recommended

High-pressure sink

Drawing medium/ screen filler

Emulsion remover (Greased Lightning recommended)

*Note- we are not discussing photo-silkscreen, so you will actually have to draw your design

We will not cover advanced topics like registration/multiple colors unless we have time and/or special requests

Fabric Lazing (A MorganCulture Original Process!)


Water-soluble paint (acrylic recommended) or dye

If using dye, outdoor salt


Lots of time!


Stenciling, overall painting, upholstery



Moveable adhesive

SimplySpray fabric, stencil, or upholstery paint (even works on synthetic satin!!)

Rit dye (for effect with SimplySpray)

Squirt bottle

*If hand-painting, acrylic paint WITH textile or floating medium

Lino Cut


Linoleum block (best if mounted to wood at type height)

Small press or baren (or wooden spoon!)

Lino cutting tools (set is best)

Block printing ink


Mirror or glass palette

Collagraph (not active in demo)

Used in an etching press (best, if you have access to one) or with your CAR + a board or with a baren/spoon like linocut


“Plate”: Sintra (sign-making material), cardboard, anything

Decorative marks, tools, etc.

Ink (traditionally etching ink with loads of modifier, Akua water-soluble also recommended for non-toxic practices and easy clean-up)


Essentially strategic bleaching


Dischargeable fabric (can be ordered, or try your fabric- recently dyed  and natural fiber work best)

Discharge paste

Application medium: block print, screen print, brush-on

Iron (let paste dry and then iron with press cloth for 10 minutes, then wash fabric)



The Complete Printmaker (unofficially the Printmaker’s Bible): Chapters on relief printing, silkscreen, collagraph.

-Hand-press and Inks: Akua

-Textile spray paints: SimplySpray

-Other at-home screen printing ideas: Seminars by Urban Craft Center here at Craftcation!

-Discharge methods and supplies: Dharma Trading

-Basics on colorways and pattern layout, as well as other techniques: Textiles, a Handbook for Designers

I adore feedback and questions!


Ok, so that’s the info on the handout. I wanted to add some stuff: Firstly, next year’s Craftcation will include FOUR surface design workshops (all taught by me, of course). I really got that 2 hours is NOT enough time to teach all of these techniques simultaneously, plus be inside and outside at the same time for the SimplySpray demos.

If you’re doing wearable sculpture, upcycled garments, or textile design, these workshops will be great. I especially find a lot of these techniques very helpful for my upcycled gowns, because it’s SO HARD to get any kind of pigment to stay on a synthetic satin blend of any kind.

As my handout says, please contact me with any questions! Oh- and enjoy these photos from my participants at Craftcation- thanks to Coco Gallery photography for getting the ones of me teaching!


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