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WOW 2012: Going to New Zealand !

Awesome news: 2 of my wearable sculptures are going to New Zealand for the Brancott Estates World of WearableArt ! This will be my second year participating in the show, and I’m so excited.

One of these pieces is a throwback to the ol’ grad school days at Washington University in St. Louis– those of you who have seen some older Morgan Culture shows may recognize it (after the show; I unfortunately can’t show any images of it online before the judging- but I CAN send them to you if you’re on my mailing list! Join it here).

The other piece was a collaboration between me and my friend Laura Brody; you can see her amazing costumes and wearable sculpture  here.

Laura and I went all the way from concept (sketching, jumping around, and generally spazzing out while finishing all the wine available at our place) to final execution (fabulous photo shoot by Relentless Film) in just a few short weeks.

We can’t show pictures of the final garment because of competition restrictions, but here are a few pieces of our working process.


3 responses

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  2. You forgot to mention how awesome you are! I’m very happy for you that you get to sen d and exhibit your work internationally. Been there.. its totally frustrating.. but worth it!
    Good luck and miss you like crazy in STL!

    April 18, 2012 at 5:21 AM

    • Tim, you rock. Can’t wait to be showing together again… perhaps internationally?? *strokes fake beard*

      April 21, 2012 at 8:34 PM

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